'Daredevil': Charlie Cox wants Marvel to make a change to his suit for the future

Charlie Cox as Daredevil

If we put together the cameo of Charlie Cox in 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' with the fact that all the series of The Defenders have returned to the hands of Disney + and the enthusiasm that the entire cast of 'Daredevil' has always had with a possible return Rumors that his Matt Murdock is going to return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe have not stopped growing in recent months, but if that happens, Cox wants to change some things.

In an interview with ComicBook, the actor has stated that he thinks it's time to put the mythical DD on his chest: "I've always liked the idea that at some point in Matt's journey, his emotional journey... and again I insist I don't know how things are going or what could happen or what it has to do with our work, I have no idea about anything; But I've always liked the idea that at some point he feels like he's earned the right to have the DD [in the chest], which is something we've never done.


In 2003, in the 'Daredevil' movie starring Ben Affleck, the actor did wear the character's original costume, but Cox had two versions in the series: first a homemade black one and then another in red and black, and neither had the classic logo, a huge double D. "And one day," adds Cox, "I like the idea that I just make that decision; we get to see that evolve on screen. It's just a little idea that I had that I think would be great." ".

Outside the MCU

Regardless of whether or not we will see Cox again in the MCU with something more than a cameo, the actor has not stopped working since the cancellation of the series in 2018. We have seen him in an episode of 'Relics and Rarities' and He is part of the cast of 'Kin', an Irish crime drama that airs on AMC+ in the United States. In addition, he appeared in the movie 'King of Thieves' and is now shooting 'Treason' with Olga Kurylenko and Oona Chaplin, and it is a series for Netflix written by Matt Charman ('Bridge of Spies').

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