'Spider-Man: No Way Home': Charlie Cox lived the reaction to his cameo following the advice of Tom Hiddleston

Charlie Cox

It is curious that Cox when telling the anecdote he shares with Hiddleston, an interpreter who plays Loki; is quick to make it clear that he only shared the news of his 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' cameo with his dear colleague, because he knew he knew about it. 

And it is that when said film starring Tom Holland and Zendaya, was going around how to introduce Daredevil in its plot, the series headed by the God of Deceit was being shot for Disney +; hence Hiddleston had learned of the surprise.

Cox explains that it was Hiddleston who gave him the idea to go to theaters to enjoy the reaction of fans to his cameo, a moment in which this actor who plays Matt Murdock felt disappointed because he was unlucky enough to give with a lukewarm room. 

"It would have been fun to have that moment with everyone screaming, and then...nothing!" Since these statements, the support of fans towards Cox on social networks has multiplied, followers of Marvel Studios who say they would have been delighted to see all those scenes that ended up being left out of the film.

Good advice

Hiddleston, as a veteran of the saga, knows that the feelings of the fans are part of the experience that all the actors in this superhero world live, which is why he wanted to make sure that his friend did not miss something so special.

"When I found out he was coming back, he tried not to tell anyone," Cox told ComicBook. "I lived in fear for two years that it might leak, but one of my first calls, because I knew I could tell him, I mean: I knew he knew, it was Tom Hiddleston, one of my best friends."

"He was shooting 'Loki' at the time, so he was very up to date on everything, and they had told him about me because they know we're friends and all that, so he knew. I talked to him and he said: 

' Whatever you do when the movie comes out, you have to sneak into the back of a theater because the theater will go crazy.' And I remember thinking, 'No, it won't.' It'll be great to be there, but I think that he was perceiving it from the point of view of a Loki appearance, and that is that Loki's fan base is unlike anything I've ever seen." Daredevil doesn't fall short either. We will have time to see it with the next appearances of this character in the future of the MCU.

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