Atlanta - Season 4: the poignant trailer for the final season

Season 4 will be located again in the hometown of the protagonists after a tour around Europe.

Image Credit: FX Network

Atlanta is a truly revolutionary series: it has in fact brought talents, narrative richness and above all a very original style into play. In addition, of course, to the obvious genius of its creator and interpreter, Donald Glover alias Childish Gambino. 

After 3 seasons of music, adventures and finally a tour around Europe, we return to the parent company, the city where the protagonists began their story. A beautiful parable is one that has to do with the cyclicality, the returns, the squaring of a story and often the return to origins. In fact, the final season 4 of Atlanta will be set exclusively in the hometown of its characters: Atlanta, in fact.

Atlanta, Season 4: The trailer shows the final images of the existentialist series created by Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino.

Here are the first official images of Atlanta season 4, the final season: the trailer is ironic, touching and full of music like the whole TV series. Ready to cry and reflect while laughing together with the protagonists?

Season 3 was presented with really enthusiastic phrases from the creators and certainly welcomed with equal happiness by the fans, who had been waiting for it for 4 years. 

"After an absence of four years, we are finally graced with the return of Atlanta. Donald Glover and his team shot the last two seasons of the series, ”Landgraf revealed when the new season was announced. “Atlanta's fourth and final season is set to debut - as it usually does - in the fall. The new season is all there is to expect from Atlanta, which is to expect the unexpected. Sit back and enjoy the ride! ”.

In its absurdities, its bizarre epiphanies and in its revelations, Atlanta remains an essential product for understanding contemporary American and non-American contemporaneity, a project that surpasses the simple logic of seriality. 

You can laugh (and you do it with gusto, satire and cynicism are irresistible), you can be indignant, you can reflect; the material is dense and incandescent, and the fact that it can finally reach greater visibility in Italy too - thanks to Disney - is an event that is as unexpected as it is happy.

Source: Indie Wire

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