Batgirl has been canceled: so Warner Bros. says goodbye to 90 million dollars

Warner Bros. cancels DC Batgirl movie. It cost 90 million and the filming was already done!

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Unexpectedly, Warner Bros. has decided to cancel the Batgirl movie starring Leslie Grace. The shooting of the film had already been completed and a good 90 million dollars had been invested. Warner bros. has also decided not to distribute it anywhere, not even streaming on HBO Max, as originally planned. 

The reason behind this decision is still unclear, but it appears that the new management system behind Warner Bros Discovery has decided to focus all its efforts on movies for the big screen. It also appears that Batgirl's first screening tests did not go as planned.

Warner Bros. cancels DC Batgirl movie. It cost 90 million and filming had already been completed

Directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah (Bad Boys For Life), Batgirl would see the return of big names from the DC Universe, such as JK Simmons' Commissioner Gordon and Michael Keaton's Batman, as well as the big addition of Brendan Fraser's villain. . The protagonist Leslie Grace a few months ago, had even already talked about a sequel, so the cancellation of the project was a bolt from the blue.

The decision to cancel Batgirl has nothing to do with the quality of the film or the commitment of the people involved, it seems to have been a last-minute decision by Warner Bros., eager to associate the DC brand with a great blockbuster to be released on the big screen. These latest implications leave fans with bated breath, especially given the release of highly anticipated films such as the new The Flash starring Ezra Miller (now cut off from Warner Bros. due to its numerous legal problems).

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