Blonde, Ana De Armas, and Marilyn Monroe in the movie trailer

Image Credit: Netflix

Hollywood and the Academy have often and willingly shown their appreciation of transformers, that is, those actors and actresses who step into the role of the characters they play - especially if these characters really existed - that they get lost in them. Think of Gary Oldman (2019) and Rami Malek (2020) Oscar double, incredible at almost literally bringing Winston Churchill and Freddie Mercury to life. 

Will Ana De Armas join such a list? Her interpretation of Marilyn Monroe promised to be impressive in terms of physical adherence to the original right from the images released. Blonde's first trailer - which you can see below - seems to confirm this.

Ana De Armas is more similar to the original than the original

It almost seems a contradiction, but seeing the trailer, the doubt arises that the Marilyn Monroe on stage is the real Marilyn who died in the early sixties and not an actress who looks like her. Recall that the film is based on the novel by Joyce Carol Oates and will be presented in competition at the Venice International Film Festival. The release of the film on Netflix is ​​then scheduled for September 28th. Directed by Andrew Dominik, Blonde stars, in addition to Ana De Armas, also Bobby Cannavale (Joe di Maggio) and Adrien Brody (Arthur Miller).

Reading the synopsis of the film, we discover that “Blonde boldly reinvents the life of one of Hollywood's most legendary icons: Marilyn Monroe. From her unpredictable childhood as Norma Jeane, through her rise to fame and sentimental ties, Blonde mixes reality and fiction to explore the ever-widening difference between the actress's public and private image ". 

The author of the novel from which the film is based spoke of a feminist film: “The way the Kennedys treated Marilyn Monroe was not and still is not very different from the way many powerful men, especially in Washington DC; treating all women, with the exception of their wives ".

Source: Variety

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