The Boys 4 - Eric Kripke reveals the fate of some characters (and the arrival of two new stars)!

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Cameron Crovetti, an interpreter of Ryan - the son of Patriot -, has been promoted to "regular". His role, therefore, becomes increasingly important within the story.

The Boys - whose third season ended last July on Prime Video - has officially become one of the cult series of recent decades. An unprecedented success, which Amazon wanted to ride with a spin-off series (centered on a group of Supers in college) and with the fourth season of the “original” series, currently in the works. And it is precisely on the new episodes that the showrunners aim to change - further - the cards on the table, introducing two new Super and promoting Cameron Crovetti - Ryan, the son of Patriot - to the show's "regular" star.


The Boys - Who are the new Super of the fourth season?

According to the same production of The Boys, the cast of the fourth season is ready to expand with the arrival of two new actresses: Valorie Curry (The Lost Symbol) and Susan Hayward (Delilah). Curry will play a Super known as Firecracker, while Hayward will lend body and voice to Sister Sage. 

Neither character is featured in the comics, so it's hard to predict their role in the show. It also seems that Ryan, the son of Patriot, will take on an increasingly important role, torn between sincere affection for Butcher and the desire to "destroy" the world together with his father and - perhaps - his grandfather, Soldier Boy.

The fate of Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) is in fact the big open question of the fourth season, to which Eric Kripke - producer and director of The Boys - tried to answer: 

“The old television adage says: never kill anyone unless is not really, really necessary. Never close a door, but open a window. We will all have to wait and see, but I can't imagine the series ending without Soldier Boy making another appearance. " Kripke - in the course of another interview - then clarified the fate of another character, whose path seems to have - definitively - closed, Maeve: "I never thought of killing Maeve, since the beginning of the series. We were intentionally building a happy ending for her for many reasons - the first of which is that she truly deserves it. Believe it or not, The Boys is a universe with a well-defined heart and morals, and when you make the right choices you get rewarded, and she deserves a happy ending with her girlfriend Elena. ” 

So many questions and few answers. To discover the fate of the old and new "heroes", all that remains is to wait for the fourth season of The Boys, currently without a definite release date.

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