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Dongalunnaru Jagratha Movierulz

Dongalunnaru Jagratha Movierulz: Simha Koduri, who entered the film industry as the son of Tollywood star music director MM Keeravani, got a good reputation with his first film 'Matthu Vadalara'. As this movie came with a new concept, the audience showed interest to watch this movie. And this young hero is now ready to come before the audience with his third film.

The film unit says that the director Satish Tripura's direction of this movie, which is coming with an interesting title of 'Dongalindu Sarwad', is excellent. As the release of this movie which is being produced by Suresh Productions is nearing, the theatrical trailer of this movie has been released recently. The film unit has filled this trailer with thrilling elements throughout. The movie is going to show us how the hero, who went to steal a car, accidentally got stuck in it.. how he got out of that car.

And the way this trailer is cut with survival thrilling elements is superb. And to match the shots in this trailer, the BGM provided by Kalabhairava is also superb. While Samudrakhani is playing a key role in this movie, the film unit has made this movie as the first Telugu survival thriller movie. The film unit is ready to release this movie on September 23. And to know the success of this movie at the box office, we have to wait till September 23.

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