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Krishna Vrinda Vihari Movierulz

The film 'Krishna Vrinda Vihari' is a film starring young hero Naga Shourya in the role of Krishna. Isn't it Vrinda in the title! That is the name of the heroine in the movie. Shirley Setia played the role opposite Naga Shaurya. The film is coming to the audience on the 23rd of this month. The trailer was released today.

Coming to what the trailer looks like... Naga Shaurya is seen as a boy born in a traditional Brahmin family. When it comes to heroine Shirley Setia's role... the girl is modern. Both of them work in the same office. Hero's attempts to get coffee with a girl... from fun things with friends to sharing sorrows are shown. They gave a twist before they thought it was regular.

At the start of the trailer, the dialogue with the hero says that coming out of the comatose doctor is very important for his life. Ultimately, he did not come out of the coma. It is interesting that Rahul Ramakrishna says that if 'Swami Rara' Satya, who is the hero's friend, tries to bring him out of the coma... 'He wakes up'.

As a hero 'for coffee? For me?' When the heroine asks... Naga Shaurya says 'for coffee with you', and the scenes after that are interesting. The highlight of the whole trailer is... "Venky's uncle in F2 is hundred percent correct". Do they say that they bear all the suffering in the world? And what should we do who bear them?'' the dialogue of hero Naga Shaurya goes viral. Comedy, action, love... the movie is like a new age romantic entertainer.

Watch the 'Krishna Vrinda Vihari' Trailer:

Anish R for the film 'Krishna Vrinda Vihari'. Krishna is the director. In the past, he asked 'How so?' An entertainer It is reported that this movie will provide good entertainment to the audience in the style of that movie. The already released songs and promotional films are getting a good response from the audience.

Ira Creations has produced the film. Produced by Usha Mulpuri and presented by Shankar Prasad Mulpuri. Nagashaurya has a good track record with family production house Aira Creations. There are hits like 'Chloe' and 'Aswaththama'. Looking at the posters and promotional images of the movie 'Krishna Vrinda Vihari', it seems that another colorful entertainer is coming.

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