The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman sues AMC: the new legal battle of the creator of the franchise

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The Walking Dead creator is suing again the AMC network, home of the famous television series based on his comics.

There is no peace between the cartoonist Robert Kirkman and AMC, the US network that hosts the long-lived and very popular television series based on his works. As AMC prepares to air the final episode of The Walking Dead, the creator of the horror franchise is suing the network again.

The Walking Dead creator is suing the AMC network for an alleged breach of contract

This isn't the first time Kirkman has sued AMC. The first lawsuit between the cartoonist and the network, however, had stalled in court with nothing done. Now, Kirkman and the show's other producers — Gale Anne Hurd, David Alpert, Charles Eglee, and Glenn Mazzara — are suing AMC for an alleged breach of contract. The lawsuit seeks $200 million in damages.

“Although AMC has leveraged the ideas and services of the plaintiffs to make billions from The Walking Dead franchise, AMC has issued a MAGR [revenue that studios receive from streaming or airing a product] definition which, in original form, would not have paid a single dollar in profit sharing to the plaintiffs,” the lawsuit reads. "Unsurprisingly, AMC's MAGR filing caused a firestorm of controversy with The Walking Dead's creative talent that, ultimately, led to litigation."

The lawsuit notes that “the plaintiffs are entitled to the same treatment as Darabont with respect to its MAGR interests, therefore they are entitled to have the same assessment applied to their MAGR interests, which, collectively, outweigh Darabont and CAA.” This references the deal made between former The Walking Dead showrunner Frank Darabont and AMC, dating back to 2021.

An AMC lawyer said this latest lawsuit was just "a crass request for more money." "Robert Kirkman, David Alpert, and the rest of these plaintiffs have had their major claims against AMC Networks thrown out of court twice, so now they're back with another lawsuit," attorney Orin Snyder told Deadline. “And another lawsuit means another attempt to rewrite their deals and extract even more of the millions that have already been paid and will be paid in the future, for their profit sharing on The Walking Dead. This is just another crass request for money. We are confident it will fail, as have their previous attempts."

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